Goodbye, Pitica.

Published: 05-09-2022
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Black cats are special, you know? I have never met one that didn't have an great personality.

Tulio, Mini Mim, Emily were, alongside my current Big Boy Maddy, incredible.

And, Pitica you weren't an exception to this, you were a very friendly, chill, loving and special cat.

It was so funny how you loved to sleep in her little basket in the kitchen bench when I was still there. And you loved marking people's heads from the back rest of the couch when we were watching tv.


I'll never forget how you'd go "MEEEEEEE" everytime I picked you up and hugged you.

I'm lucky to have been able to see you one last time when I went to Brazil to visit Stella after 7 years. Even though it broke my heart to see you having difficulties using your back legs and the wounds from dragging them around.


The most difficult thing was how you went away. Cats like hiding when they are feeling sick so they are not disturbed, so I get why you'd want to hide.

My parents looked for you everywhere but couldn't find any signs of you. To think that you died alone somewhere and not knowing what happened to your little body is really tough.

But I hope that you enjoyed the time you had with us in your life and that you were as happy as you made us.

You'll always be in your hearts.


I'll keep this one brief because I have been writing a lot of these recently.

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