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cake2451 said:
Pretty cool site! Hello from a somewhat unconventional web browser!
11/05/24 2:21 PM | From: NetFront NX 3.0 on a Nintendo New 3DS

Turboblack said:
w10 (dot) host hosting for web 1.0 old net eu org HamsterCMS
18/04/24 12:06 PM | From: Firefox 124.0 on Windows 10

Turboblack said:
Hello, I and a small community continue the retro web movement, hosting was created through our efforts w10 (dot) host for creating websites and administering them under old systems and browsers, but at the same time it is quite comfortable to work with the admin panel both in modern browsers and from a phone, but so that the site does not fall apart and looks like a website. pay attention to this cms old net eu org I hope you'll pay attention to my information. Thank you
18/04/24 10:54 AM | From: Firefox 124.0 on Windows 10

skeleton warrior said:
Take this BONE shield (the shield is emitting flames).
05/04/24 1:58 AM | From: Firefox Mobile 124.0 on Android 12

Rina said:
Super cool site :D
04/04/24 4:22 PM | From: Firefox 3.0.8 on Windows XP

driswillis98 said:
hello everyone! my name is idris and im from windows 98 second edition.
24/03/24 2:11 PM | From: Internet Explorer 5.0 on Windows 98

Nord said:
Hello hello everyone
15/03/24 6:56 PM | From: Firefox 123.0 on Linux

eli/oerrorpage said:
i found this site my oldavista
25/01/24 3:32 AM | From: Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows Vista

LigmaJohnson688 said:
found this site on wiby
24/01/24 11:40 AM | From: an unknown browser that imitates Chrome Dev on Windows 10

BlueWizard954 said:
This site is fantastic! Posting this from Windows 95 using IE4.
22/01/24 10:37 PM | From: Internet Explorer 3.0 on Windows 95

Limows said:
I post this using old ThinkPad R31
03/12/23 5:52 PM | From: Firefox 12.0 on Windows 2000

MacUser said:
I'm viewing this on a somewhat-modern Mac, but I still like this site. Good design..wish I could do things like this with HTML.
02/12/23 11:31 PM | From: Safari 17.1 on macOS Catalina 10.15

Guest said:
Kinda like the website aesthetic
26/11/23 4:24 PM | From: Safari 17.1.1 on macOS Catalina 10.15

TronNerd82 said:
Browsing this on Netscape. Looks great!
16/11/23 9:24 PM | From: Netscape Navigator 9.0.0 on Windows 8

TSG said:
I was here!
15/11/23 5:37 PM | From: Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows 98

Oatmeal said:
After making some upgrades to my powerbook I decided to do some browsing on IE5 in the classic environment. This is a really nice website!
04/11/23 4:03 PM | From: Internet Explorer 5.0 on Mac OS

SquishyTanks said:
Hello there. Pretty nice website :D
22/08/23 1:18 AM | From: an unknown browser that imitates Chrome Dev on Windows 10

GeckoF said:
Nice website! Your videos are also cool and interesting btw =)
07/08/23 6:17 PM | From: Firefox 116.0 on Windows 10

The Eric Experiment said:
Welcome to The Eric Experiment guestbook! Make sure to leave a message as I'll be checking all of them out!
07/08/23 6:35 AM | From: Firefox 115.0 on Windows 10

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