Virtual Assistant Infinite Loop

Virtual Assistant Infinite Loop

So, Like, okay. I spent like, 2 hours to get this to work. And it did!

This was at the time Cortana was a bit more relevant and I had a Windows Phone as my daily driver. I had just bought a Google Home mini and I had borrowed an Amazon Echo from a friend to see what it was like.

Having all of those devices with me, making them call each other was a natural next step, right?

It wasn't that easy though, getting them to clearly call each other and also figuring out what way I could set them up to call was kinda hard. Especially with Siri because I didn't own an iPhone and there's some trickery to setup the "Hey Siri" command on the MacBook Pro.

Anyways, this is the final result:

Click here to go to the Youtube Video.

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