A 90's NES Clone With Two Cartridge Slots!

Published: 24-04-2024
Tags: retro gaming, video games, nes clone, famiclone, cce, brazil, nintendo, nintendo entertainment system, nes, famicom, turbo game, vg-9000t, super mario, top gun, othelo, saint seiya, baseball, pal-m

In this part of The Eric Experiment, we'll have a look at this Brazilian NES clone, or Famiclone, from the early 90's, a period where Brazil had heavy import restrictions for electronics.

The Techmoan video:


The Ricardo Regis video (pt-BR):


The scan of the VG-9000T manual (pt-BR): https://datassette.s3.us-west-004.backblazeb2.com/manuais/turbogamevg-9000t_cce.pdf

Click here to go to the Youtube Video.


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