That time I designed a logo for my company

Published: 01-03-2017
Tags: design, logo

Okay, this is a cool story, I don't remember the exact date but it was some time around February or March of 2017.

My company at the time, Covata, was trying to come up with a logo design for our flagship product, SafeShare.

I'm not going to go into detail of what the product did because, honestly, it doesn't matter for this post. Let's just say it was an enterprise level, secure, encrypted Dropbox.

At the time, the product itself didn't have its own logo, it basically shared its logo with the company.

Covata Logo

But since we were coming up with new products and such, we decided to come up with a logo for the product to distinguish it from the other ones.

So they hired a design company and payed a few of thousands of dollars for them to come up with a design. After they came up with a few options they went around asking what people thought about the designs and when I saw them I thought: "Holy shit they look like crap".

Like legit, I don't have copies of them but trust me when I say they looked like overcomplicated messes.

So I asked them, can I give this a crack and see what I come up with? And then I came up with a design on the same day.

After doing that, the marketing person at the company put the designs for vote with mine included without telling people and then my design ended up winning!

After a few tweaks this was the final logo, it's nothing incredible, but hey, it was better than the professional design company's designs:

New safe share logo

And as a reward for the good work I got a super duper ultra cool…. \$50 gift card. yay…

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