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A 90's NES Clone With Two Cartridge Slots!A 90's NES Clone With Two Cartridge Slots! - In this part of The Eric Experiment, we'll have a look at this Brazilian NES clone, or Famiclone, from the early 90's.

I Had To Turn Two Librettos Into OneI Had To Turn Two Librettos Into One - In this part of The Eric Experiment we'll hopefully turn two broken Toshiba Libretto 50CTs into a working on, make sure to see the result!

Goodbye, Dudinha.Goodbye, Dudinha. - ...

Relive the Glory Days of Yahoo with Old'aVista DirectoriesRelive the Glory Days of Yahoo with Old'aVista Directories - Revisit the internet's past with Old'aVista Directories! This unique tool revives the Yahoo directories from the late '90s and early 2000s, offering a genuine trip down memory lane. Created using Yahoo Directories data scraped from the Internet Archive fro

The Pi Cast Guest Appearance About The Tiny 486The Pi Cast Guest Appearance About The Tiny 486 - I participated on Tom's Hardware's The Pi Cast podcast to talk about my tiny 486 build, make sure to check it out!

The Tiniest 486 Computer: I Built It From Scratch!The Tiniest 486 Computer: I Built It From Scratch! - It took me over two years, but it's finaly here! My tiny 486 computer with a real Intel 486 DX4 inside!

Spotify - Just a Legalized Napster?Spotify - Just a Legalized Napster? - Spotify is not much different from Napster in my opinion, the only difference is who wins and who loses and artists lose with both.

Smart Home Tech SucksSmart Home Tech Sucks - Let's be honest, smart home tech kinda sucks and in this post I'll discuss my experience with it and why I think that.

Hello! My name is Eric and this is my little corner of the Internet, a place where where you can check out many cool projects related to retro computing, retro gaming, coding, music, some other random tech stuff I'm working on as well as other things related to my life.

This website features a more diverse set of projects but I also run the channel The Eric Experiment on YouTube, which is more focused on retro gaming and retro computing.

If you like those sorts of subjects, make sure to follow this website or subscribe to the Youtube channel!

This website is Retro First, which means that it's built for Old Browsers, but it loads more features as you move to more modern browsers. It's not mobile friendly though because if you follow me, you probably browse the web on a computer.

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  [30/08/2023]Added new programs for download in the Windows 3.x Essential Software and the Software sections.
  [07/08/2023]Added a Guestbook to the website so you can leave messages, a Projects page with the ongoing projects I'm working on and I have finally added the Ucanet button to the home page.
  [05/07/2023]Huge design update, the website is now retro first and it doesn't have to switch between two different templates.
  [16/09/2022]Updated the website layout and several internal changes.
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