My cringe Minimal Beat cover

Published: 04-03-2013
Tags: music, covers

Between 2011 and 2013 I was getting really into YouTube. I had been using Youtube for watching random videos since the beginning but it was around that time I started seeing it as an legitimate way to consume media.

At that time I started subscribing to a lot of Youtubers that today are veterans of the platform.

One of them was Lindsey Stirling, I was really impressed with her dancing and violin playing at the time and was really into her music for a while, more specifically her first album which was completely instrumental.

That fandom lasted for about a year and I moved on a long time ago, especially after her second album that I didn't like all that much. I haven't listened to any of her songs in years.

But at the time I was a fan and I had been playing guitar and bass for a few years. I wasn't (and I still am not) very good at them but when she announced a contest she was doing of covers of her songs, I didn't think twice, I started working on my own thinking "I'm a musician too (okay hahah), it would be cool if she saw me playing as well".

Needless to say the result was shit and looking back at it I cringe like hell, but hey, it's project that I worked on and finished. So there's that.

Here's the result:

Click here to go to the Youtube Video.


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