Goodbye, Merbees.

Published: 19-10-2021
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It's unbelievable I have to write another one of these in such a small amount of time. On the same day I got the news Walter died, we learned that our beautiful cat Mercedes had cancer. And less than a month later, we had to say goodbye to our little baby.

That was one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult thing I've ever had to do in my life. With previous pets and even family members, I have never had to deal with those things, my parents always shielded my siblings and I from hospitals, euthanasia and so on. We could just mourn them without having to deal with the physical and bureocratic burden of death.

My beautiful Mercedes, you don't know how much your mommy and I love you and how much we'll miss you. Even though I was only around for two of your nine years on this planet, I'll always cherish that time. I couldn't not fall in love with your little dumb face.

Cute merbees

You were such an incredible cat, you could be super grumpy at times, but we knew you loved us because at your own time you'd always come, climb onto us and start head-butting our faces.


I'll really miss how you'd climb onto us just to lie down and sleep.

Every morning, I would make my coffee, sit in bed and, while I was drinking it, you'd jump on my chest to lie down making it really difficult for me to drink it. But I didn't care because it was even better to just rub my face on you shile you were napping on me.

I remember the time you jumped suddenly on the bed. I got startled and spilled coffee everywhere.

And all of those times that you would snuggle with your Mommy in bed. She misses you so much, you have no idea how broken she is.

I'll never forget the second-to-last…

second-to-last time in bed

And the last time you snuggled with us in bed.

last time in bed

It was such an effort for you to get on there because you were sick, but you did it yourself! I'm so proud of you!

You'd also sit and loaf on my computer all the time and then come to my chest while I was working.

It was so funny how you'd just sometimes sit in front of my keyboard and I had to work around you. I'll miss that so much.

Work around mermee

Or all of the times that you'd climb on me during work meetings to head-butt me or just to loaf on my chest. It was great because I could get through the most boring ones by cuddling with you.


Or you'd just come and say hi in the cutest way.

And then there was the last time you were on my chest on the computer, your mommy had to put you there, but you did snuggle for a bit.

Work around mermee

I'll miss all of that.

I'll miss how you'd lie down comfortably inside of your hut…

Or in front of the heater… You really loved that heater. You'd always come running as soon as you heard us turning it on.

I'll miss your zoomies, even though they were rarer more recently.

Or all of the times you would forget we were at home with you and you would start meowing frantically. You'd always come running, carrying your little toy when you realized you weren't alone after we called you.

I'll miss the hole in your sock.

Hole in the sock

I'll miss your little beans.

Purple beans

I'll miss your adventurous spirit, everytime we opened the front door or the balcony door you'd want to go outside to see what was going on. Remember that time you locked the both of us outside of the apartment?

I got home, put my keys down and you ran outside. Without thinking I ran after you and the door closed behind me. Luckily your mom wasn't far, so we didn't have to wait outside for too long. But you didn't care, you were having the time of your life. Floppying around, marking everything, having a lot of fun.

And what about the time that you were in the balcony and you decided to jump on the windowsill of the bedroom window, which was slanted? You almost gave us a heart attack. But you were there looking at us with a face of "Look at me, I don't care!".

Windowsill baby

You really loved the outside, huh? I remember the first few times we took you for a walk and you were all curious of what was going on around you. And that time that we took you to the kids playground in Meadowbank, you were having so much fun!

And that time we took you to Maccas with us at night and you kept trying to climb on the table.


I wish I had taken you out more when you were healthy, but I'm glad we got to go to the park almost everyday in your last few weeks. Especially because that was one of the situations we could still see a glimpse of our real Mermees, even when you were sick, we could see that you loved going to the park. You would walk around with your tail up, and when we'd lie down on the picnic blanket you'd come to head-butt us.

I'm so glad that even in your last day we managed to take you to the park, even if you were lying down on the pram all the time, I hope you at least enjoyed the sun while it was out.

Last time at park

It's so rare to find a cat who's comfortable to walk outside without being trained, especially one that we can trust being unleashed. You'd always be around and if something happened you wouldn't run away and hide. Nothing really phased you, but if something scared you, I'm sure you'd just run towards and climb on us to protect you, like you did when we took you to the vet and you were scared.

There are so many other memories, many of them hilarious, like when we dressed you like santa and you flopped on your side becaue you didn't know what to do.

Or when we put socks on you, it took us 10 minutes to put them on and it took you 30 seconds to shake them off of your paws. ahaha

There was also that time you were playing with a line of yarn and we took those really cute photos of you with it.

Or that time I got you on my shoulders and you decided to climb on the door and then use my back as a landing platform.

Landing Mermee

And you always had a mommy spirit, always grooming your big brother Maddy, even after he was an asshole to you. Sometimes you would play with him as well, even if not as frequent anymore.

And even though we have this hilarious photo in which you look you were plotting to murder Maple when we adopted her…

Maple and Mermee

We know that in the end you loved her too.

Maple and Mermee

A small cat with such a big heart.

The last three weeks were very difficult, but I'm really glad we were there with you until the end. I'll never forget your little eyes looking at me when the nurse brought you back to the room after putting the catheter in, on your last day. I really hope that if you could talk you'd tell me that we did the right thing, because looking at those eyes knowing what was about to happen, completely broke me.

Thank you so much for accepting us in your life. I know your first two years were difficult and you couldn't adapt to your previous homes, your mommy told me you'd overgroom and would be super stressed. So I know that when she adopted you, you were a lot happier. And thank you for accepting me when you, your brother Maddy and your mommy moved in.

I could tell you loved us because you'd sleep comfortably. Even when you were sick, at the park, you'd sleep on the picnic blanket with your belly exposed because you knew we would protect you in case something happened.


I hope we made you as happy as you made us. Because you, alongside your siglings Maddy and Maple are what keep us going even in the darkest of days.


I'll never forget you, I'll always miss you.

I love you.

Goodbye, my beautiful Mercedes.

Last photo of mermee

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