Goodbye, Walter.

Published: 28-09-2021
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Goodbye my friend Walter. It really sucks that I couldn't have seen you in person and played with you in the last 6 years. But I still loved you because you were one of the best dogs ever.

I would have been able to play you a last time last year if it wasn't for this goddamn pandemic, but that's something we have no control over. So I'm just happy that you lived a happy life and died a happy pup next to my parents who took the best care of you.


I will never forget how you'd run when we unleashed you while going for a walk, so fast! We could see in your face that you were enjoying yourself so much.

You were so funny when you were little, you had such a big head and I remember you'd bark to get on the couch but because your head was heavy you needed someone to put their hand behind your neck so you could climb without falling over.

-Tiny Walter

And what about that time you bit something in the backyard that gave you some allergic reaction and you showed up with your face completely inflated? We got scared but that didn't seem to faze you at all, you were still acting like yourself, just with a huge face. I'm sad I didn't take a photo of that, that was hilarious.

You were such a loser, staying under the throw behind the one-seater to get the bristles rubbing on your back and head.

Auto-pet Walter

And of course I can't not mention how you'd lie down on my bed and take all of the available space, you often slept on the bed with me taking half of it for your self!

Bed Walter

I miss that.

I have lost many pets throughout the years. Manuela, my childhood dog at 14. Sheep the cat, at 14. Emily the little cat at 8 and many others. And now Walter at 11. You'd think it gets easier over time, but it doesn't. Those animals touch our lives and they are just as important as any human family member.

And Walter, like most pups, would be there for you, with no judgement, no complaints, just happy that you're around.

I'm so glad that I had you in my life, even if briefly, and that you had a good life. I really wish that you could've lived longer, but sadly that's not how life goes.

Goodbye again boy.

Love you.

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