MacBook Pro 2015 | Totally an Apple Enthusiast

Published: 29-12-2016
Tags: comedy, computing, silly, macbook pro, apple

Being an avid youtube content consumer for years, I kinda started getting interested in making videos myself. This was my first actual attempt at it, aside from my Lindsey Stirling cover.

I had this silly idea that I would present myself as an Apple enthusiast but I would install Windows on my MacBook, so I came up with "Totally an Apple Enthusiast", which I fucked up in the title of the video and named it "Totally a Mac Enthusiast", whoops.

The video was supposed to be longer, but I overestimated my script… Yeah, there was a script.

I kinda wanted my channel to be kinda like a comedy/tech channel, but focusing more on the comedy side. I know I can be funny but I figured out that shouldn't be my main focus as being intentionally funny is really hard.

An interesting fact was that I didn't actually own that laptop. I was on leave from work and I took my work laptop home. I actually backed up the contents of the hard drive, made the video and then restored the contents.

Yes, it was too much work and risk for a silly 1:21 min video. Here's the result:

Click here to go to the Youtube Video.


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