Yeah, I'm slowly building a small community around The Eric Experiment and Old'aVista. The idea is so everyone can discuss The Eric Experiment Projects like the Videos, Old'aVista and other things that I have been working on as well as retro-computing/videogames, music and other subjects that we all might be interested in. So below you can see where you can go to join.


The first and most obvious place to start is on Discord. The Eric Experiment has a server that you can join by clicking on the button below and chat with like-minded people about all things mentioned above. Right now the community is pretty small, but over time I'm hoping to have enough people on so we can have some cool discussions.

Join Discord

Old'aVista Chat!

If you don't like Discord and/or want to chat from your browser, you can always use the Old'aVista Chat! It is built in the molds of old-school HTML chat rooms, which means it can be used with Old and New browsers, and also, it's connected to the #general channel on the Discord server, meaning that you can chat with people on Discord from the Chat and vice-versa.

Make sure to check it out down here:

Join the Chat!


For the size of my channel, a Patreon doesn't make a lot of sense, I get it. So I initially created it thinking more about Old'aVista as it gets enough visitors to justify it. Of course any contribution helps me to work on all my projects but, most of all, it helps me pay the expenses of hosting and maintaining my projects.

You can find a bit more details about how it helps Old'aVista here: Contribute to Old'aVista

Or you can just go straight into it:

Join the Chat!

I have other ideas, like maybe an IRC channel in the future. If you have any of your own, don't hesitate to let me know!

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