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Windows 3.x resource page

Welcome to the Windows 3.x resource page.


These are my curated resources that I think matters about my favorite "Operating System" of all time, Windows 3.x.

I call Windows 3.x an Operating System but I'm aware that for most people it's techinically an operating environment for DOS.

I'd argue that it is an OS though because it can control hardware with drivers, it has its own kernel, its own dev tools, apis and so on.

In the end of the day I think it's a matter of opinion, and that's why I call it an Operating System.

My Windows For Workgroups desktop circa 2003~2004

If you watched my Pentium MMX video you'll remember that I mentioned that around 2004~2005 I killed my Windows 98 installation and had Windows For Workgroups 3.11 running on that computer.

Come to think of it, I think it was around 2003~2004 because I got a Pentium 4 in 2004.

These are some screenshots from that computer.

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