I built a Search Engine to find 90's websites

Published: 11-09-2021
Tags: retro computing, internet, netscape, internet explorer, aol, geocities, web 1.0, altavista, angelfire, xoom, tripod

A lot of our internet history that used to be hosted in defunct services like GeoCities, AOL Hometown and Xoom is still available for anyone to see.

The challenge is finding those websites because it's hard to have more in-depth searches on the Internet Archive, TheOldNet and Google doesn't have those pages cached anymore.

That's a problem becuase having all of that history and not being able to access it is a bit wasteful.

For that reason I created Old'aVista, a whole search engine to help you find those websites from the Web 1.0.

So in this part of The Eric Experience I'll show you what it is and what it can do!

Click here to go to the Youtube Video.


You can access the website here: www.oldavista.com

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