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Windows 3.x Dead Websites

Here's a list of websites that are no longer active but were once great sources for Windows 3.x resources.

The reason I'm listing these is for nostalgia and history purposes.

  • Lightspeed's reference page - This used to be my go-to website for Windows 3.x resources in the early 2000's. It's kinda funny to see that it actually has some silly political stuff and views that I didn't notice at the time, oh well, it was a great list of resources.
  • The Old Files Network - This was a web ring with some great websites about Windows 3.x and DOS stuff. Today the domain goes to some finance website.
  • Old-PC - This was a great site with many resources. I actually made friends with the author at the time, we used to chat via MSN but I completely lost contact with him after everyone moved on from MSN. That was until last year that I found his email on the webarchive and we managed to get in touch again via Facebook.
  • ‚ĶFreaked - Another great website with various downloads and resources.
  • - This used to be a great forum for getting support on Windows 3.x related stuff. It's so sad it's gone because there were a lot of useful posts with answers there.
  • Powerload Resource Pages - Another great site with resources around DOS and Windows 3.x as well as other computing related stuff.
  • Winworld - Okay, okay, Winworld is very much still alive and it still has all of the resources it had in the early 2000's. But this version of the website in the domain is long gone, and that's why I'm adding it here. Now, sadly, none of the images load in the web archive, so this is what the website used to look like:

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